Popular Japan lifestyle and furniture store ACTUS satisfies customers’ needs to integrate lifestyle into various aspects of their everyday lives. This includes offering furniture, trending items and accessories, daily necessities and so on!

This time, we’re here to introduce Hellolulu’s newest collaboration with ACTUS. We’ve launched a special edition of one of Hellolulu’s best-selling items - the TATE all-day backpack - featuring genuine leather zipper pulls, exclusive colour combinations, and a side zipper that allows direct and easy access to the bag’s main compartment. The exterior remains simple yet stylish, fitting well with customers’ various fashion combinations for different occasions. And of course, this special edition TATE is only available in ACTUS stores (Japan).


【別注包包。Hellolulu x 日本人氣品牌ACTUS】


今次要介紹的別注包包是Hellolulu的熱賣品 --- TATE休閒背囊。跟ACTUS合作的別注版TATE加入真皮拉尾繩丶專屬配色及特設既袋側拉鏈直達主間隔,方便快速收納,外型簡潔時尚,可配合顧客不同場合的日常穿搭。


ACTUS : http://www.actus-interior.com/