【Hellolulu Arrives to DOT in Singapore】

Hellolulu makes their first and hopefully lasting appearance in Singapore’s lifestyle concept store DOT! DOT is known for offering top quality fashion brands and popular lifestyle products from around the globe. As a newcomer, Hellolulu aims to give a good impression to the people in Singapore (obviously!), hence we’ve hauled a specially designed window showcase all the way from Hong Kong. We hope we’re able to pass on a visual representation of happiness as passersby see us! Cheers!

【初到貴境Hellolulu進駐新加坡 DOT

Hellolulu 2017年首度進駐新加坡DOT,DOT是專門搜羅國際知名高質男女裝商品,流行產品齊備的生活概念店。初到埗的Hellolulu為左令新加坡的朋友有個美好的第一印象,特別在香港空運快樂元素到DOT,設計了一系列大型玻璃櫥窗,希望吸引大家的眼球,發現生活的每一個Happiness!

DOT Singapore: https://www.facebook.com/DOTsingapore/