Hellolulu and the team have had a blast journeying around to new places, finding more and more "homes" for Hellolulu bags. One to highlight this year is Futakotamagawa Tsutaya-Electrics, which is under the same group is TSUTAYA, a modern Japanese bookstore that was selected among the global top 20 bookstores for its unique design and store offerings - including audio/video products, stationary, media items, etc and most importantly (subjectively), coffee! It's often a must-visit destination for tourists in Japan. If you're looking for the latest hot items or interested to get a feel for the top trends of Japan, Tsutaya-Electrics and TSUTAYA are two places that you will find hard to resist! 

Tsutaya-Electrics: https://www.facebook.com/TSUTAYA.ELECTRICS/




蔦屋家電: https://www.facebook.com/TSUTAYA.ELECTRICS/