We’ve got good news! While Hellolulu products are designed around their concept “Carry Happiness”, Japanese brand BEAMS operates based on their brand mission to be a “Lifestyle Creator”. Since both brands have such compatible goals, let us make the announcement - Hellolulu and BEAMS are back with another partnership!

This season, B:MING by BEAMS will take the 3-way day pack JORI from Hellolulu’s 2017 collection and launch a brand new Smoke colour series! It will available in smoke brown or smoke navy, offering a refreshing addition to the “bag-drobe”. JORI is not only stylishly simple, but also uniquely functional. Carry it as a backpack, shoulder bag or handheld bag, and enjoy the creative details that will deliver a pleasant “carrying” experience - both in fashion and in function!

In the newest issue of Life Paper, B:MING by BEAMS introduces different stylish outfit combinations featuring JORI in smoke navy, a go-to colour this coming season.  

JORI Smoke colour series available exclusively at BEAMS (Japan).


秋日特集Hellolulu x B:MING別注多用途背囊

好消息! 一向以”Life Style Creator”為經營理念的日本時尚品牌BEAMS和以”Carry happiness”為創作宗旨的Hellolulu又再合作了 !

今季B:MING by BEAMS將Hellolulu 2017最新款式多用途日常背囊JORI配上專屬SMOKE色系,不一樣的啡和藍,為顧客帶來新鮮感。JORI背囊集功能與簡約時尚於一身,獨特背囊、肩包及手提三用設計,細節上注入創意元素,打造輕便又型格的穿搭體驗。

B:MING by BEAMS 更在新一季的Life Paper中以Hellolulu 多用途日常背囊JORI示範型格穿搭,配上年度之色,SMOKE NAVY絕對是吸睛之選。