Ten years ago, our dream to make everyday life a happy journey for everyone has given birth to Hellolulu. Life has never been the same for us as again as we travel far and wide to explore new ways to bring happiness and comfort to our friends. The collaboration project with Swedish design house Little Studio, is a very special examples that tell the story of how Hellolulu has matured throughout the years. 

Hellolulu x Little Studio Collection, is a story about how our dream and passion have carried us across different continents and touch the lives of many. Sharing a common love for simple and fun designs, we were fascinated with the imaginative use of Nordic designs by our Swedish friends, who admire the Hellolulu’s ability to translate ideas into functional and fun designs that speak to the heart of our users. What began as a “love affair” on the internet has become the Hellolulu x Little Studio Collection you have seen today. 

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Location: Time Square, Harbour City, Festival Walk, New Town Plaza LOG-ON official page
Date: Now - 3 March 2014, Wednesday


10年前, 我們夢想可以設計讓人毎天也彷彿載着假期的好心情, 卻又可以輕鬆帶著重要隨身物的產品。這就是Hellolulu品牌的誕生. 從此以後, 我們的生命就再不一樣 - 每天我們都在世界不同角落尋找靈感, 發掘可以為你帶來愉快心情, 令旅程更舒適輕便的新構思。與瑞典創作室Little Studio的合作, 就正好印證了Hellolulu多年來的成長故事。

在Hellolulu x Little Studio 系列背後, 是我們如何把夢想帶到世界各地, 與不同人物生命交織的故事。 Hellolulu一向是北歐圖案的追隨者, 正好在網站認識瑞典設計工作室Little Studio, 發現我們同樣地想透過設計將快樂感染其他人。我們十分喜愛她們充滿想像力的 北歐圖案設設, 而她們亦很欣賞Hellolulu活潑明朗、貼心而多功能的設計風格。我們在網上交流各種各樣的構思, 而你今天看到的Hellolulu x Little Studio Collection, 就是這個跨界創作的成果。