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2-in-1 Flexistrap

Afraid for your camera’s safety with the flimsy strap that came with your camera? Are there always situations where you wish the strap would be long enough to carry on your shoulder but also short enough to wear on your wrist? Say hello to Flexistrap!

Our 2-in-1 Flexistrap is a cross-body camera strap that also turns into a wrist strap in a matter of seconds!

US $26.00
(price excludes tax and shipping)
Color  Ketchup


  • Made with soft webbing for durability and comfort
  • LOOP-PULL quick release-and-tighten function ensures flexibility no matter how you want to carry your camera
  • Round and Flat loop connector included
  • Wrist-strap tightens with camera weight
  • Fit for compact cameras to Micro 4/3 cameras
  • Cross-body strap length: adjustable from around 75 cm to 135 cm


Item no: 10011-06


Webbing: 100% Polyester

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